Emotional Wellness and Mindset Speaker:

Empowering College Students for Emotional Health, Growth, and Success!

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Emotional Wellness and Mindset Speaker:

Empowering College Students for Emotional Health, Growth, and Success!

To Book Rod, contact Valerie by Email:


or Call: 813-770-7011

Rod Cunningham

Author and Speaker

Retired Air Force Vet (29 years)

10-Minute College Student Reaction Video

Are you seeking powerful and transformative speeches to support your students' emotional well-being, personal growth, and resilience? Look no further!

Rod's Mindset Speeches are designed to inspire, motivate, and equip students with essential tools for navigating the challenges of today's world. Our engaging and impactful presentations are centered around three crucial topics:

1. "Emotional Health and Well-Being: Prioritizing Self-Care and Building Resilience for Overall Wellness"

2. "Growth Mindset: Embracing Learning and Growth for Personal and Professional Success"

3. "CLIMB: It's OK, Not to Be OK."

$57 Per Set

In these Revolutionary College Success Workbooks, You’re Students and Staff will Discover:

  • How to build their emotional strength using the 5 Steps to Emotional Wellness.
  • How to make positive decisions by managing and reducing stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness.
  • How to increase their GPA and graduate on-time or help others to achieve these results.

Services Offered

Annual Contracts Available for Multiple Services/Campuses

1. Keynote/Graduation Speaker

A. Mental/Emotional Wellness

B. Growth Mindset

C. Leadership

D. Entrepreneurship

E. Goal Setting

A. "It's OK, Not to Be OK" - Mental/Emotional Wellness speeches are designed to introduce the 4 areas that cause emotional decline and teach the 5 steps to emotional wellness.  This talk will awaken your ability to discover your greatness and pursue your purpose. 

B. Growth Mindset (Law of Attraction/Law of Frequency) speeches teaches that 90% of success is from having the proper mindset, while 10% comes from technical know-how.

C. Leadership speeches teaches staff and students the 4 things every subordinate wants to know from their leader (Are you COMMITTED to the mission? Can you MENTOR me? Can I TRUST you? And do you CARE about me?)

D. Entrepreneurship speeches teaches how to start and scale your business by perfecting the four quadrants of business success (Product - Operations - Marketing - Sales)

E. Goal setting speeches teaches students the importance of setting goals, reviewing those goals daily, and creating a balanced lifestyle (faith, family, finances...education, fitness, friendships, and fun).

2. Life Coach - Weekly Group Sessions

On-site or Virtual

3. Trainer - Develop Emotional Wellness Teams

On-site or Virtual

4. Customized CLIMB Workbook Sets

Your College Logo and Messaging on Front/Back Cover

Sessions are designed to help students (especially first-generation college students) to get mentorship and coaching on how to overcome anxiety, loneliness, fear, and doubt. The sessions are designed to encourage students to find a strong school-work-family-friends life balance, help navigate personal/professional relationships, and help to discover their dream career based on their personality.

Provide training for student leaders or club members to become emotional wellness team members. The EWT members would be trained to recognize students in emotional distress and provide resources to quickly assist them in rebuilding their emotional strength. Staff can't do it all and many times students won't talk to staff. This allows students to be their "Brother's Keeper". The course will help students build mentoring/coaching skills and empathy for others.

CLIMB: Face Your Past, Own Your Future


Young Adults, College Students, Parents, Staff, Counselors, and Mentors


CLIMB is a set of strategies designed to help the reader out of emotional isolation.  This workbook offers five transformational steps that empower the reader to take action in the present so they can own their future and ultimately fulfill their life’s purpose.    



Young Adults, College Students, Parents, Staff, Counselors, and Mentors     


This workbook helps 17 to 29-year-olds live an exceptional life by changing their daily rituals and routines that will set them apart from others and assist them in living their lives on purpose and with purpose.     


#1 Largest community college in the nation (Miami Dade College

#3 Largest school district

in the nation (Miami-Dade Public Schools)

One of the most respected Healthcare Systems in the World (The Johns Hopkins Hospital)

Professional Testimonials

Mrs. Melanie A. - Teacher,

Mentor, Advocate, Survivor

“As a teacher, I started reading CLIMB to be able to help my students who deal with severe emotional/behavioral disorders. As I read the book, try as I might to feel the words as a teacher, I kept coming back to myself as an individual and a mother. Thinking how I can apply these skills to myself first, and my children second?
Trauma affects us all in one way

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Conchita Canty-Jones, M.Ed., Coordinator of Academic Support and Federal Programs, HCPS

"As a school district staff member of the 7th largest school district in the nation, Hillsborough County Public Schools, with over 200K students, I am totally impressed with Mr. Cunningham’s workbooks on emotional wellness where he uses evidence-based practices. 

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Dr. Emery Ailes, Director, Linking in Faith and Education (LIFE) Program

Pasco-Hernando State College

"Rod has become my go-to expert for the last 3 years on emotional wellness for our LIFE programs here at PHSC. He has done an exceptional job as a mental health and opioid misuse prevention panelist, he is an excellent keynote speaker, he gets incredible survey reviews

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Full Speech: 1-Hour Video

2023 Black Brown College Bound Summit

Hillsborough Community College

Video Testimonials

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Pediatric Brain Symposium - Nov 2023

Speech Title:

Cultivating Self-Care and Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals


"Best Keynote Speaker since the inception of our Symposium"

Weekly Coaching Sessions w/Grace House

Sober Living Facility

Hillsborough Community College

2020 Testimonial

Meet Rod

The CEO and Founder of Chief Empowerment Network, LLC, Rod is dedicated to the wellness of each and every teen/adult with whom he interacts. He was born to a 15-year-old mother in the housing projects of Jacksonville, FL, and his 19-year-old father passed away two-weeks before his birth.

Rod joined the Air Force where he discovered his love for leading and mentoring others. He rose to the Senior Executive Leader position of Chief Master Sergeant (E-9), the top 1% of the enlisted corps.

As a mental/emotional wellness educator, he has participated in 100's of panels, spoken to over 35,000 youth, parents, and community leaders, and was called upon by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA-Tampa) to educate 21 Florida counties on the dangers of opioids and its direct correlation with mental and emotional wellness. He is the former Vice President of the Pinellas County Urban League where he worked on Poverty Reduction with a heavy focus on mental/emotional wellness. Additionally, he is a former member of the U.S. Congressional Military Selection Board for the 5 Military Service Academies.

Rod has been called upon to deliver a keynote speech on Self-Care for healthcare professionals of one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the nation.

Rod customizes every presentation and seminar. His workbooks and programs use EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES. Rod authored two books on emotional wellness, one book on parenting, and mentors 150 boys in 3 different youth programs monthly. Additionally, he is a former Board Member for nine schools, representing 9,000 youth.

Rod started this work over 10 years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people of all ages to address their emotional pain. When Rod isn't using his magic touch to ease emotional pain of college students, he's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address students' needs.  

Contact Information

Valerie Nicole

Chief Operating Officer, Author, and Speaker

Chief Empowerment Network LLC:

Email: Valerie@ChiefEmpowerment.com

Phone: 813-770-7011