Your Vision Determines Your Reality.

Speech Titles:

- Your Vision Determines Your Reality

- Mindset and Motivation

- Empathy in Marriage:

Creating a Soft Landing for Your Spouse

- Love That Lasts: Strengthening Your Marriage and Family through Connection and Commitment

- Women and Entrepreneurship

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Valerie's Book: Ready to be Unveiled September 1, 2023

"Act Like a Queen and Wear Your Crown" by Valerie Nicole Cunningham is an inspiring guide for wives seeking to embrace their divine calling as a queen in a God-centered marriage. Encouraging readers to adopt the mindset of Christ, this book emphasizes cultivating queenly wisdom and embodying virtues such as love, respect, kindness, humility, and integrity. Throughout its chapters, readers are urged to prioritize spiritual growth and seek God's guidance in all aspects of life and marriage. Offering practical guidance, biblical insights, and spiritual encouragement, this book empowers wives to live out their roles as queens with dignity, honor, and nobility, while highlighting the transformative power of a marriage reflecting God's love and grace.

Book Release: September 1, 2023

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